Technical management

Marine MAN Ltd offers a wide, complete range of technical services, marine consultancy and other maritime developments, always meeting each client’s individual needs. Technical management includes several visits on board by the technical superintendent, dry-dockings, repairs, trouble-shooting, upgrading and modification works, monitoring latest class, flag and international rules and regulations, safe operational procedures and purchasing. This is not limited to preventive maintenance and performance monitoring only. Our company is technically orientated following and combining both principals of having extensive on-board and ashore technical experience and therefore applied to lead the technical department. Marine MAN Ltd's main emphasis in managing ships is preventive maintenance and performance monitoring. In sustaining this policy, each vessel is visited regularly and inspected every three months by a qualified superintendent.

Our group of superintendents is composed by experienced individuals with minimum of 15 years experience in shipping. Our policy of preventive maintenance and performance monitoring is part of our overall strategy of keeping off-hires to a minimum and reducing the time and costs of dry-dock. In order to accomplish this policy we include in our budges the extra cost of riding squads. Our goal is to carry out the majority of routine repairs and necessary upgrading works on board the ship without interruption of the vessel’s normal trading. Through close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, in combination with years of experience in purchasing, we are able to obtain ship supplies at the most competitive rates.