Crew management

Marine MAN Ltd provides professional full tailor-made package which exactly meets your crew Management requirements but at very cost-effective rates

We use our best endeavors to provide, Crew Management Services in accordance with Sound Crew Management practice, to protect and promote the interests of the owners in all matters

Crew management is concerned with end-to-end management of the crew, with the objectives of finding a minimum cost seafaring crews while maintaining optimum operational efficiency and safety

Marine MAN Ltd has proven expertise in providing crew management services to leading principals in the world. Leveraging our experience in crew management, we conduct strategic planning analysis helping principals to decide on the best crew solution for their needs. Following the strategic planning we perform all crew-related functions including recruitment and selection, pool arrangements, training, education and safety-instruction courses, mustering, travel arrangements, provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts

Manning, recruitment & selection

Our manning, recruitment and selection package includes:

  1. Selection of seafarers of required qualification according to customer requirements
  2. Testing in specialty and English skills included but not limited CES 5.2.9 and Marlin’s Test
  3. Verification proof of sea service in compliance and references from previous employers
  4. Granting an opportunity for the candidate to have an interview with a Ship Owners representative from our offices including Skype video interview
  5. Authenticity COC / GOC
  6. Checking of all required marine documents according to STCW – Manila Amendments 2010
  7. Arranging training and issue STCW certificates, needs
  8. Arrangement of pre-employment medical examination (PEME) in certified and reliable health care institutions
  9. Arrangement of P&I Club, flag state PEME
  10. Execution of arranging of flag state documents (official accreditation in licensing authorities)
  11. Visa support (long-term Schengen visa, USA visa and others)
  12. Minimizing of costs of crews replacing in ports of Ukraine
  13. Logistic services Home Port – Shipboard/ Shipboard – Home Port
  14. Training included but not limited pre-joining familiarization training

Our people have our highest priority. We place great emphasis on teamwork and creating an environment inwhich our seagoing and shore-based staff feel valued and apart of the company. We also strive to reflect our values andvision through out the organization in order to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Crew selection process

Crew selection process

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Management of Flag State

We provide quality management of Flag state and collaborate with below maritime administration of:



Antigua and Barbuda

Antilles Netherlands





Marshall Islands

Cook Islands

St Vinsent



Strong network of support sub-companies

MARINE MAN Ltd is working and have agreement with following sub-companies for providing more efficacious service in crew manning:

  • Marine MAN Travel Ltd
  • Our own Travell Agent - arranging any types of visas (including MULTI -SHENGEN ) and booking tickets
  • Sub Travell agent - arranging any types of visas (including MULTI -SHENGEN ) and booking tickets
  • Kherson Maritime college and Academy
  • Kherson centre of training of seafarers
  • Kherson maritime port
  • Ministry of Transport and communications of Ukraine inspectorate for training and certification of seafarers (state register of seafarer’s documents of Ukraine), verification of any documents by flag request
  • Medical Centre ( Kherson )
  • Medical Centre ( Odessa) – for providing International Medical examination
  • Steam Ship Medical examination & examination of P&I club


Through our well established working relationships with the insurance underweiting markets and insurance brokers, we are able to assist our Owners in P&I coverage. Our Insurance department is responsible for the efficient and timely handling and sattlement of owner's claims as well as assisting in the process of insurance policy renewal

Our manned fleet

“Desna type“

Type : General Cargo

Dwt : 4500 gert

Place of built : Romania

YoB: 1998 – 2005


Type : General Cargo


Place of built : Russia

YoB: 1994-2005


Type : General Cargo

Dwt : 7500 gert

Place of built : Russia

YoB: 2007-2009


Type : Coaster

Dwt : 3500 gert

Place of built : Romania/Germany

YoB: 1992-2005

Bulk carrier

Type : Bulk carrier

Dwt : 43500 gert

Place of built : China

YoB: 2000-2002

General Cargo

Type : General Cargo

Dwt : 13500 gert

Place of built : Germany

YoB: 1992-2005


Type : Container

Dwt : 15000 grt

Place of built : Germany

YoB: 2005


Type : Anchor Handling Offshore Tug/Supply Ship

Dwt : 1302

Place of built : Germany

YoB: 2007


Type : Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanker

Dwt : 35000 gert

Place of built : Korea

YoB: 2008

Oil/Chemical/Products Tanker

Type : Oil/Chemical/ Products Tanker

Dwt : 42000 gert

Place of built : Korea

YoB: 2007

Chemical/Oil Products Tanker

Type : Chemical/Oil Products Tanker

Dwt : 45000 gert

Place of built : Korea

YoB: 2009


Type : PCTC

Dwt : 45000 gert

Place of built : Japan

YoB: 1998