Official Representation

Marine MAN Ltd is official representation office of Red Sea Marine Management as crew management service provider on Ukrainian and Russian market.

The first Red Sea Marine Services (RSMS) was established in Jeddah in 1987 as an in-house Ship Management Company. Its primary business then was to cater to the needs of the Bakri Group of Companies. At present, RSMM and RSMS provide shipping services not only to the Bakri Group of Companies but to other clients and business partners, among them some major oil companies.

RSMS and RSMM have achieved a solid client base through its continuous improvement in shipping and value of its services as well as providing management services and comprehensive technical support for ship owners, companies and clients in the Middle East, Red Sea, Africa and Asia. RSMS is one of the first Saudi private companies that have been certified by ISM (International Safety Management) code, well before it became mandatory. The Company realizes that effective Safety and Environmental Program makes a more profitable operation and promotes the welfare of all those who are involved in the business, ashore or afloat.