Football Sponsorship

Football is the most played and most famous sport among Ukrainians.

Marine Man football team

The strongest and highest-level league is the Ukrainian Premier League, which is also known as the VyschaLiha (Top league). Thesecond-rankingleagueisthe PershaLiha orthe UkrainianFirstLeague. Thenextleaguedownisthe SecondLeague or DruhaLiha, whichisdividedintotwogroups, East(B) andWest(A), accordingtotheirlocation. Thefourth-levelleagueis AmateurLevel.

Footballis a truly global sport and consequent lyhasal ways been an important strand to Marine MAN sponsorship portfolio. Marine MAN has arguably become one of the most prominent brands within football at region.

FC Marine MAN, foundedin 2015 by Private Enterprise Group Marine MAN at Kherson, was the result of the increasing popularity of football at region and country.

Private Enterprise Group Marine MAN uses professional knowledge of management, selection and recruitment and creates strong and creative football team with great start up.